Air travel is global. Shouldn’t your flight comparison shopping be too?

2 min readOct 25, 2021

Thinking about booking a flight for your next trip?

Just like everyone else, you’ll probably be using online flight comparison engines.

What you might not be thinking about it how much airlines love for you to buy online. It gives them so much information about you!

Don’t ask what flight ticket sellers are tracking about you. Ask what they are not tracking!

Your previous ticket purchases. Where you work. Your browser. How long it takes you to fill in your travel dates. Etc, etc.

They’re using it all to figure out how much they can get away with charging you for that ticket. The classic example — you’re probably familiar with — is that if you have limited vacation time then you have to pay more to lock in tickets for specific dates in advance.

If you have flexible dates, the airline has to offer you a better deal to capture your business.

Your IP address is one of the main data points airlines use to build your profile.

For starters, your IP address suggests which country you are in. Obviously that is a big deal for pricing. It will determine which currency you get presented initially, and you better believe the airlines are using exchange rate differences to pad their margins!

But your IP address also just says who you are — at least to the airline. Combine it with your browser cookies and the airline can have quite a good picture of who you are and how much you are willing to pay.

So include multiple IP addresses in your flight comparison shopping approach!

That is to say, use whatever websites you are using to research flight tickets

  • from multiple IP addresses and
  • with different browsers.

Chainprox can give you access to residential and mobile IPs all around the world. How many of them you use depends on how much time you have!

Obviously there is a lot of clicking around involved here, especially if you have to install fresh browsers somewhere.

But if you can save a few hundred bucks, why not spend a few minutes setting up some fresh browsers and clicking over to a few other country’s IP addresses.

Try it soon with Chainprox and let us know how much you saved!




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