How reliable is your sales intelligence data?

If you’re crawling the web for data, how sure are you of its quality?

Are you sure that your bots were not identified as bots? If they were, you might be being shown “pre-cooked” data that will not give you an accurate picture of what is actually going on.

Or your bots might be being blocked all together. That means you’re not covering all the websites you planned to cover.

If you’re using proxies, you’re on the right track. But not not all proxies are created equal! If they can still be identified as proxies, then you’re back to square one.

Your solution starts with a pool of *true* residential proxies.

True residential proxies have the same IP addresses that real people use to access the internet every day. No data centers are involved.

They are not camouflaged as residential IPs — they are residential IPs. They will be shown the same data that actual end users would be shown.

Big tech companies want to show residential IPs the data that you want. Their business model usually depends on it.

With Chainprox, you have access to a big pool of true residential IPs all over the world. No games with data centers.

Our IP providers gladly share them with you. Why? It’s simple. We take care of them. In other words, we pay them a transparent, fair cut of the revenues.

But just having this pool of residential IPs won’t be enough.

Your residential IPs need to be flexible enough to handle what your bots are doing.

Your IPs need to roll. Otherwise, after a certain number of requests they will probably trigger captcha verifications or just be automatically blocked.

However, if your web browser session depends on a static IP, then you don’t necessarily want your IPs to roll too much.

Therefore, to find an effective balance you need customizability!

At Chainprox, we guarantee you that you are the only one who decides how often your IPs roll. You can customise your IP change rules according to your needs — not ours. Constant changes? Practically static? It’s your call.

You can even create different configurations for different purposes and use them accordingly.

That customizability also covers the geolocation of the IPs you use. If you need to use IPs from specific countries for a sales campaign, for example, it’s no problem.

Just set up your IP geolocation and rotation rules and away you go.

Now let’s talk HTTPS and traffic encryption.

These are security features you should expect from any proxy provider.

If you don’t have them, you’re putting yourself at risk of a man-in-the-middle attack. If the data can be intercepted, it can be modified. That means it can be inaccurate and you’re back to square one (again).

There is also the question of who is intercepting your data. It might even be a competitor piggybacking on your data scraping efforts and planning to use the data against you!

Moreover, HTTPS will prevent your ISP from seeing the data you scrape and generally monitoring your actions on the web. All they can see is the domain name (or IP) and port pair. Everything else is hidden.

To wrap up, when you’re considering proxy providers, look for

  • True residential proxies located all over the world,
  • Customizable configurations for IP geolocation and change frequency, and
  • HTTPS and traffic encryption.

And a pay-as-you-go pricing model wouldn’t hurt. Yep, Chainprox has that too ;) No huge data package subscriptions here. Pay only for what you use.



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